Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stop Trying to Sell Me Things. I Have NO Money

Is that the phone? Hope jumps into my heart. I think of all the job applications and advertisements that I have answered in the last week.

I say to myself, "This could be it. Who says finding a job is hard? Look there is one of the hundreds, nay say, thousands of firms who wants a valued employee like me, right there on the phone."

I answer and there is a very complimentary speaking man on the other side. As I try to keep my head inside the small room, it sounds as if this man really understands my value and the transferable skills I can bring to the table.

Wait did he say something about "Executive Recruiter". That is okay, I could use someone else looking for a job for me. "Market assessment" will be done by his firm to help me iron out the little wrinkles in my resume. Still sounds great. He is going to send me a link with more information and once I look at it he will give me call in a day or two.

I say, "sounds great."

I go home to watch a thirty minute little presentation on his website. Very well done.

Wait does he want me to pay? Does he not know, I don't have a job. He must, he called me about my "Marketable Skills.... transference and everything."

So for three resumes (but they will be all new, they will create a "Market Campaign" for me) and a dozen letters to prospective employers, I can borrow money (thousands) to pay him.

My mind says "but aren't those pretty pie charts, and he knows the secret of the hidden job market."

Guess I will have to wait for his return call to tell him, "I HAVE NO MONEY."

Take care.

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