Friday, October 31, 2008

The Tattoo for Me

On my way back from placing an application in I had an epiphany. I should provide you with the following background. I have spoken to my wife over the past 10 years and theorized that a tattoo might be in my future, but it had to be the right one. For example, lets say you got a motorcycle tattoo but in 15 years you no longer could ride the motorcycle or it just looked foolish on your sagging flesh. So I had always decided that I would not get a tattoo until it was timeless.

So on my way home today, I thought I needed to have one of the diagrams that those defibrillators that doctors use to revive you after a heart attack and right above it on my left breast the following quote: "Doc, try the paddles again." Now that tattoo is one I can get behind.

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