Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anger and the Unemployment Office

Well it is the third day of being laid off and now I believe I am in the Anger Stage of my grief for my job. I am reasoning this because I am catching my self dreaming of my previous company's owner being slowly rotated on a spit over a large fire with the employees screaming his own cute little sayings at him; "if you have all the feathers you can carry, can you carry one more?", "I can't write it down because it is to complicated; it changes", "that is not what I meant".

One of the great reliefs today was on my mandatory trip to the unemployment office, in Nashville, I did get to list to my favorite podcast, This Week in Tech. But I digress.

Now, what I am about to say has been influenced by both my mood and the recent turn of events in my life. I inherently believe most people are good and do espouse that those who are more unfortunate must be helped by those of us who have had opportunities they have not. Okay with all that out of the way.

This mandatory visit to a Tennessee Career Center is an attempt by the state to reduce the amount of any unemployment insurance you may be entitled to. After my short hour and a half visit I wanted to have my arm ripped off and someone to beat me to death with it. For those of you have not done this you should take a little time at lunch and go sit in there and depress yourself. I go in fill out an application and list my two degrees (liberal arts, so now you know why I am unemployed) and the fact that I was making over $10 an hour. Sit in a metal chair until told to go meet my counselor. Who is a pleasant woman, but who can only recommend I keep looking. I thought: I know that. I did not have to come all the way up here to hear that from yet another person. What I think I might have liked was an angelic voice tell me that: I was progressing well and that things would work fine.

She said none of this.

So back at the job boards. I am going to list them, but most of them you probably have already found:

1. Monster : The big boy.
2. Careerbuilder : Another big boy
3. Hotjobs
4. Craigslist
5. Dice
6. NashvilleHelpWanted
7. Verizon
8. Cummins
9. Yellow Freight
10. Nashvillejoblinks
11. Robert Half Technologies
12. Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
13. OHL
14. BizJournal
15. Indeed
16. USAJobs
17. Customs and Border Protection
18. Cheatham County School District
19. Tennessee Department of Human Resources
20. Austin Peay State University
21. Employment911
22. Tennessee Valley Authority
23. At&T (Bellsouth)
24. Louisiana Pacific Corporation (LP)
25. Nissan
26. Brassring
27. Tennesseejobs
28. JobsinClarksville
29. Mars
30. CameronCraigGroup
31. JobstarCentral
32. Phil Ellis Associates
33. JobsInLogistics
34. Menlo Worldwide
35. United States Postal Service
36. Caterpillar
37. Cracker Barrel
38. Kirkland's
39. JobSearchEngine
40. JobBankUSA
41. LocalCareers

As I find more I will update this posting. Thanks for listening.

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