Monday, October 27, 2008

Still in the Salt Mines but with Podcasts

Today was another day in the salt mines. I dropped off a resume, applied for another eleven gems online, and went by a temporary agency. As I walk in the room at the temporary agency the lady looks up from her desk in surprise and lets me know that they have not had a call in a week. Now I know I live in a small town but still. Shouldn't they be worried?

One of my many issues is that I am overqualified for minimum wage jobs but can not find one willing to pay me enough to live on. I guess that is the problem everyone else is having also.

The Dow Jones fell another 200 points today and there does not appear to be any good news on the horizon. I guess I will keep after it.

One bright spot, I might mention is a little thing call podcasts. They are either video or audio and they come from all sorts of different sources. There are some really terrific ones and some awful ones. They are basically recordings made by individuals or companies that you can listen to or watch later. I personally like the audio ones because they allow me to continue my search while listening.

You will need a way to manage these and get setup with their feeds. There are several different ways to do it but I would recommend using iTunes. (It is free, most everything associated with podcast is free.)

You do not need an MP3 player to listen or watch these. It can be done on your computer.

Once you have iTunes installed you just go to the iTunes Store and on the right side near the top is a selection of the areas of the store you can go to. Select Podcasts. Then subscribe to a few and experiment. You will like a few and not like a few. The following are my favorites:

This Week in Tech (TWIT) - by Leo Laporte
Diggnation - by Revision 3
Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me - by National Public Radio
Car Talk - by National Public Radio
Anderson Cooper 360 Daily - by CNN
Buzz Out Loud - by CNet

Try it see how you like it. And since it is free take two

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