Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finding Out

Let me set the stage. Yesterday morning, I was called into my supervisor's office to find out that I was being "released" back to the firm's employee leasing agency. That he, my supervisor, was not certain why or the details of my being released, that the owner had decided in my absence and it was to be so.

Okay. I clean out my desk and call the person at the leasing agency to find out that she knows less than I do. Only she has no positions available. So the job hunt begins on the drive back home.

Did I mention that I just got back from a week with the family on vacation or that my grandmother died the Friday before I left or that I have missed 2 sick days in 3 years or that we have not had an increase in that 3 years.

It is day two and I have applied for three jobs, called three people who may have a job opening, and dropped off one resume for substitute teaching.

So instead of therapy I decided to try the advice of a post on Robert Scoble's blog. So I will try and keep everyone updated on my progress. Right now it is important for me to find out what stage of grief, I am officially at. Try it you will like it.

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