Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yes, I do have a Liberal Arts Degree

While I do respect those who have degrees in science, business, engineering, and computer science, there is a sense that a liberal arts degree is somehow less. The unavoidable question at the initial meeting with a prospective employer is "So I see you have a degree in History?"

It is as if by knowing something of our past and being able to concisely communicate that to another, is not valued. Somewhere in my college course catalog it must say that History, Political Science, English, Philosophy and Anthropology are fall back degrees. The next time I am reading more carefully. It must have been in all that tiny print.

Even after sixteen plus years in the business world with some sort of acumen, I still feel as if I am explaining my decision to study and work for a Liberal Arts degree when I was 20.

Continuing my rant is the fact that I continue to hear how we, as a nation, do not know how many Justices are on the Supreme Court, what the three branches of government are, or even how many Senators are in the Senate. But only seem to value those degrees in business, science and engineering.

Enjoy the following from the Tonight Show and a scary one from John Stossell's 20/20 news segments.

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