Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Opening a Bank

As I sat culling the internet job boards for the fifth day this week, I discovered I am no longer looking for the possible match but applying for just about anything that is still open. A few days ago the rationalization was "if it is a couple of weeks old, they probably are already set to hire who they want" now the mantra is something like "if they didn't want resumes they should have taken it down."

However, I had a moment of brilliance in my little dystopia. "I will open a bank." It makes perfect sense. I will find friends and family give them lots of money knowing they can not pay it back. Now for my genius. Since congress has already said that it will bail out the lenders it is full proof.

Today, I went by a local manufacture and filled out an application for work with two other fine citizens of my little borough. One had even chosen to where a clean t-shirt for the application process. However, his comrade did manage to fine time to paint his fingernails black for the event.

Please tell me this will end soon.

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