Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Give me What I want Not what I asked for

I as does everyone that reaches a certain age begin to ask myself, if I am indeed a relic of the past and need to be replaced with a newer model. For the most part my job is good and one that I enjoy doing on a daily basis. Though recently I have felt a little neglected by my organization and superiors, I use that term loosely.

As I see those around me making plans and working diligently on new projects, I find myself stuck on the same old projects and begin to dream of the conspiracies that lurk down the hallway.

Has there been an company meeting in which everyone attended, but me. Surely the intent of this gathering was to disparage my character, work ethic and general hygiene. Co-workers decide how they would lay traps to ensure my feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. Grand plans were made to deploy rumors and innuendo in a scheme to drive me to hiding under my desk.

Or there is the chance that I am just paranoid.

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